Pathways Psychological Services, LLP

Sports and Performance Psychology

We can help provide a path to improved performance in the sports field.  Athletes are assessed for potential roadblocks to their success and strategies identified for removing those roadblocks.  While doing traditional therapy we go from a sickness model where we try to get people functioning as close to normal.  In sports psychology we are much more likely to be working at the other end of the curve, taking already well performing people and helping them to the next level.  

Multiple interventions are utilized such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, visualization, Emotional Freedom Technique, or meditation.  Athletes recovering from injuries can especially benefit from fear reduction and pain management strategies.  Most training plans can be developed and implemented in 6-8 sessions.

On-site performance evaluations and consultations are available with minimal travel fees.  Pre-season and post concussive cognitive screenings are done for contact sports.  We can also provide return to play recommendations.

We can also provide presentations on mental skills training and sports psychology to youth and non-profit sports clubs and no charge.  Dr. Ashby is currently working on a sports psychology certificate and training to become a Certified Consultant with the Association of Applied Sport Psychology.  She trains with a sports psychologist at the United States Olympic Committee.