Pathways Psychological Services, LLP

Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Addiction can derail someone's functioning, causing problems in work, school, or home life. Our treatment program will help you lead a substance free life if you wish,  teach new skills to aid in independence from substances, and offer support in the case of relapse.

Our therapists are master level, trained clinicians who specialize in co-occurring disorders.  We will not refer you out if mental health needs are address but will provide integrated treatment services.  We use cognitive behavioral and solution focused strategies founded upon individual strengths to build your path to recovery.

If addiction is interfering with what you want out of life, we can help.  We offer a variety of customized treatment plans for substance use, including individual, group and family counseling.  We have several treatment groups to choose from and will develop a service plan to meet your needs and satisfy requirements for 4th Judicial District Probation and the Colorado Division of Parole.